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One of the favorite documentary shows (and one of the only ones, mind you) to focus on musicians that didn’t quite get the praise from either R&B circles or mainstream circles (least to a megastar level), Unsung, is back for a new season this summer and it’s quite a doozy.

Urban Daily.com posted information on their site but I’ll bring some of the episodes to be on the look out for. This is one of the first seasons of the show I’m looking forward to seeing due to who’s on it.

Here are our Unsung subjects this summer:

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 8PM/ET – Montell Jordan


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 8PM/ET – The Emotions

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 8PM/ET – Martha Wash


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 8PM/ET – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 8PM/ET – Wilson Pickett


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 8PM/ET – Peaches & Herb



As you can see, there’s more focus on ’90s acts such as Montell Jordan (of “This Is How We Do It” fame), Hi Five (the group who put out the hits “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)”, “Can’t Wait Another Minute”, “Just Can’t Handle It”, “She’s Playing Hard to Get” and “Never Should’ve Let You Go”), Troop (the first – and only – successful new jack swing act from the West Coast) and hip hop legends Bone Thugs-N- Harmony as well as legendary rock and soul singer Wilson Pickett, dance diva Martha Wash (remember “It’s Raining Men”, “Everybody Dance Now” and “Everybody”? Yeah she was the lead singer behind those songs and she backed Sylvester, the pioneering gay musician of the disco era), family soul unit the Emotions, Chicago soul legends the Chi-Lites, Herb Fame and his million Peaches (lol, you’ll find out what I mean by that when it airs) and the controversial funk legend Rick James.

This season should be smoking. Bring the popcorn!

Dude from “Psych” eating popcorn.

Video of the Day: Black Sheep – H.A.A. (Here’s Another Asshole) (NSFW for adult language)

By 1994, the flailing career of MC Hammer reached its zenith. By that, I mean zenith in falling completely apart. After being criticized for years for selling out hip-hop to pop audiences with albums such as Let’s Get It Started, the ten-million selling Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em and 2 Legit 2 Quit, the artist formerly known as Stanley Kirk Burrell decided to “go hard” and release a “hardcore hip-hop” album titled The Funky Headhunter. I heard this album once because my cousin had a copy but I never really cared for Hammer as a rapper though I can admit his songs make you wanna dance. That said, Hammer, as he had done times before, set to diss many of the hardcore hip-hop acts he felt had dissed him for selling out. On the song, “It’s All Good”, he mentioned Black Sheep and mentioned co-member Dres in particular with a really weak diss. Now usually if you have a weak diss, usually you would just laugh it off. Not Black Sheep. Members Lawnge and Dres decided to give Hammer a piece of their minds on this great diss track that probably did best to further annihilate Hammer in terms of rap music as his career went into a long decline. Since lyrics to Dres’ verse was fragmented at best, the lyrics I posted from Dres is the best I can get from his diss but wow, Dres went off. This song’s sample is off Roxanne Shante’s “Biz Beat” featuring Biz Markie. Enjoy.

Black Sheep – H.A.A. (Here’s Another Asshole)/Diss to MC Hammer (lyrics)

[Intro: Mr. Lawnge]
Yo! This is a crazy shout out to that nigga MC Hammer
We all know he went out and got a new style
So we went out and got him a new asshole, you know what I’m saying?
Cause we making examples out of bitch niggas for ’94
Word up, Black Sheep ain’t hearing it no more

[Verse 1: Mr. Lawnge]
Now listen Hammer, I could slam ya with grammar you bama
Diss you on camera, but then again goddamn I’d be
Committing a crime and also wasting my time
Yo that shit would be worse than trying to battle rhyme a pantomime
You can’t say shit but dance and look like a dick
Save it for your hair cause your rhymes ain’t slick, bitch
Come on now clown, you ain’t down
If we were having sex in a circle, you still couldn’t fuck around
You got some shit on your chest, what are you, nuts?
Or could it be that you’ve been eating too many chicken butts?
You popcorn ass rapper, oh, exqueeze me
You admitted you couldn’t rhyme when you dropped the MC
Off your name, I laughed at your fame the minute you came
And now you’re like your racehorse, dead last, you’re mad lame
But now I got you like Wanda, I rock your world
And have you pulling on my nuts like a fucking squirrel
Begging me please, Lawnge stop tandering
But it’s too late, goddamn I can’t stand you man
That’s why I’m up in your ass like a parasite
For me to battle you, that’s like you in the Tyson fight
No wins, you know you have no friends
Because the mic separates the boys from the mens, Hammer
Have arrangements made, man eject respect
I put your name down, fuck a card, I pulled your deck
Like Wu-Tang said, you’d best protect your neck
Or get wrecked, and you can bet your endorsement check
So reneg nigga, you’d better repent
And yo you couldn’t look hard if Karl Kani gave you cement
Instead of his clothes to rock in your videos
Nigga you couldn’t beat your dick as far as beef goes
Hammer, you say you’re coming from Oaktown and that’s fine
So nigga take your ass back like your hairline
In any battle you don’t want to get stuck with me
If I was your dick you still couldn’t fuck with me, bitch

[Verse 2: Dres]
Hammer, heh, Hammer?
Hahaha, oh my fucking God, hahaha
Do I have to?
Oh well, fuck it
Yo Stanley Burrell?
Now what the fuck was on your mind, bitch you ain’t funny
You’re crummy, you suck
And I don’t give a fuck about your money
Run for the border but your order
No you’re about to get slaughtered and can’t be avoided, bitch
You just bought it
Unsure, you’re back to the court, you fucking mutant
You are the strongest known man made air polluting
Nigga named the street, bring a bell or a beat
And it’s easy for your mama to see you can’t compete
With the Sheep, bitch
I hope for your life, fuck the issue
I bust you keep the pistol ’cause no one will fucking miss you
You suck, I don’t give a fuck who does or writes the track
Whoever cameos, it’s Hammer, it’s all wack
You make me sick like a dick with malaria
You’re the wackest rapper in the whole Bay Area
‘Cause niggas made careers off of dissing you Hammer
You wanna step to the 2, you better get Evander
Holy shit, Hammer likes pumps and a bump
You see him in them panties acting like he was a hunk
You flunk and give me back the drummer while I’m here to nail your feet to the floor
Until you grow back all your hair
Yeah your ass is just a crook
I intervene when you tried to play Tyra ’cause she wrote Gangsta Lean
Well this is for the Hammer, you bama
I’ll bust your ass in Alabama, Savannah, Montana, Havana
Goddamn I don’t give a fuck about racketeers
‘Cause Hammer, you been pussy since you went to mackateer
Ha ho no flow so won’t you quit
Shoot heroin on the toilet and still not drop dope shit
It’s all deception
I got your number mister
You put helicopters for the cops who try to play my sister
Ass out, your style is about as fly as Piedmont
And yo stop claiming Oakland when you’re strokin’ em from Fremont
In the dictionary under “sellout”, that’s where you’ll be
So roll with Audi for a fucking catastrophe
You teenie weenie wearing genie to bikini
Couldn’t see me if gazelles came in motherfucking 3-D
I’ll snatch your capitol without a 357, dig?
No class nigga, I’ll kick your ass for 2 Big
What are you stupid, troopid, couldn’t be you if this was ballet
Nigga, I’ll park you quick and faster than your valet
HURT ME, Stanley? You’d better hope for better days
Chasing my balls like I was the fucking Oakland A’s
Nigga quit like your staff or feel the wrath
Your punk ass couldn’t bust a bubble in a bath
Screwdriver stop it’s lonely at the top
Excuse me, you sold millions then you got dropped
Don’t lose me
You and your Cousin It ain’t shit
Nigga quit
Fuck every snitch that threw a Hammer benefit
Don’t send cash, no not a fucking dime
Just send beats made for the streets and dope rhymes
Yo this is easy
You greasy sleazy butthole, you get none
You, your crew and Patti Labelle’s son
So go by yourself, fly by yourself
Sit in your movie theater and die by yourself
But keep Black Sheep off your donkey ass lips…

Video of the night: Killer Mike – “Reagan”

Earlier today, I played audio from this track by rapper and Outkast/former Dungeon Family affiliate Killer Mike and what intrigued me is how the rapper brought a lot of truth in a toned-down sound than what I usually hear from him. It’s hard to dispute what he states in this song about how Reaganomics helped to bring ruin to this country and how it continues to the present day with President Obama.

I love cartoons with music this deep in it. This would’ve been aired on Adult Swim if it hadn’t already. Released in 2012 off Killer Mike’s disc, “R.A.P. Music”.

Marvin Gaye 1974 concert

Originally posted on Framework:

May 17, 1974: Marvin Gaye in concert at the Forum.

In the Monday, May 20, 1974 Los Angeles Times, columnist Dennis Hunt writes:

To see singer Marvin Gaye in concert, it is not obvious that he has an intense fear of performing which kept him away from concerts for several years. He has appeared in a few concerts since he decided to return to performing about six months ago. His concert at the Inglewood Forum on Friday night will probably be instrumental in helping him totally conquer those fears.

It was a magnificent show. The Forum was completely filled and the audience was ecstatic about the affable soul singer. Gaye radiated such geniality and joyousness that, coupled with the splendor of the music, his performance was irresistible. In that hour he could have easily won over his most severe detractors.

Gaye, who has a soft tenor voice that frequently shifts…

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Musician Review: George Michael

Originally posted on AeschTunes:

I first heard of George Michael back when he was the lead singer of Wham! It was the mid-1980s, and the Make it Big album had “made it big.” I remember seeing Wham!’s videos on MTV and hearing the songs on the radio. One of my favorite songs from that era is “Careless Whisper”; even at nine years old, I could appreciate the emotion and feeling he put into his vocal performance. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was also another favorite back then; it was a fun, upbeat song that a kid could dance along to. I also enjoyed “Everything She Wants” and “Freedom.”

1986 brought about the Music from the Edge of Heaven album. While this album was never as successful as Make it Big, I loved the song “The Edge of Heaven.” Also during this era, George recorded a released “I Knew You Were Waiting (For…

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There’s one surefire way to get tough with Putin


No wonder our bananas look bad. Wow.

Originally posted on Quartz:

Once you scroll past the West’s soft suggested responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—revocation of membership in the G-8, finger-wagging, village shunning and so on—there are only a few bracing proposals left. They dispense with civility and aim for the jugular. The three below stand out. If short of time, go immediately to the last, which would strike Russian president Vladimir Putin at his Achilles’ heel—oil.

Make Russians vacation in Pyongyang or Damascus

Although Russians have by and large been unfazed by his imprisoning and beating of protesters, oligarchs and pop singers, the one action that Putin has never risked is preventing his people from traveling or moving their money abroad. But “if you tell them, ‘You can no longer come [to the West] and you have to freeze in Moscow,’ then they will turn on Putin,” says former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, whose country was invaded by Putin in…

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