One of the best blaxploitation film soundtracks of all time, right up there with Shaft, Super Fly, Across 110th Street and the Mack and by arguably the most talented artist to emerge from Motown Records.

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What’s Going On, released on 20th May 1971, marked the second chapter in Marvin Gaye’s career. For many people, What’s Going On marked the start of Marvin Gaye’s career as a serious artist. Indeed, What’s Going On, was far removed from the poppy soul Marvin Gaye had previously been a purveyor of. Not only did What’s Going On, mark a coming of age as an artist for Marvin Gaye, but was the start of a series of critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums he’d release between 1971 and 1978. During this seven year period, Marvin Gaye released six albums. Three of these albums reached number one in the US R&B Charts, but only What’s Going On was certified gold. Given the quality of these six albums, that’s a remarkable statistic.

The followup to What’s Going On, was Trouble Man, which saw Marvin follow in the footsteps of…

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